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Trigger Finger Splint: Trigger finger is a common hand problem that occurs with the locking or triggering of a finger. Trigger finger symptoms are the pain in the middle joint, and tenderness with palpation at the base of the finger. It commonly occurs 55 to 60 years of age and 2-6 times more frequently in women than in men. The trigger finger treatments are surgery, steroid injection, and trigger finger splint.trigger finger splint In the last several years, studies show that use of a trigger finger splint in the treatment of trigger finger. Studies found decreased pain and triggering with the use of a trigger finger brace. One of the studies exhibits that 87% of the participants did not require surgery or a steroid injection one year after completing the trigger finger splinting regimen. One of the studies found that trigger finger brace in conjunction with a steroid injection had more successful symptom resolutions than an injection or a trigger finger splinting alone.

In general, non-surgical trigger finger treatment is to wear a trigger splint for 6 weeks. It with be the possible extension to 10 weeks if symptoms are still present. The trigger finger brace/splint can be removed for tendon gliding exercises several times a day.

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Research evidence a decrease in symptoms with use of a splint at the metacarpal phalangeal joint, the proximal interphalangeal joint, and the distal interphalangeal joint of the digits and at the interphalangeal joint of the thumb. A recommendation for trigger finger splint that allows for smooth tendon glide and is the least restrictive option.

Best Trigger Finger Splint Buying Guide

The perfect choice whenever you require to stabilize or immobilize the small joints of your patient's fingers. The 3-point pressure design allows treating 6 or more conditions with a simple turn of the splint. The 3-point trigger finger splint comes in many sizes for an appropriate fit and allows for the use of the hand with minimal interference of the splint.

Strapping your affected finger to a plastic trigger finger splint can ease your symptoms by stopping your finger moving. If your finger is unusually stiff in the morning, it may improve to use a splint overnight. Your physician can advise you about how long you need to wear the splint for.

Other types of best trigger finger splint that designed to moderately immobilize the base of your finger and enable you to full use of your hand. Accurately positions and supports your finger to give relief of symptoms and promote healing. Fits comfortably to most finger sizes right or left. Attach the velcro strap throughout the base of your finger and adjust to fit like a ring. Wear trigger finger brace until symptoms solve. Typically it will take in 6 to 8 weeks to heal.