MRI Machine: Diagnostic applications, Popular Brand,Price & Scan Cost

MRI Machine:

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique utilized in radiology to compose pictures of the anatomy and the physiological processes of the body in both health and disease. MRI Machine scanners use vigorous magnetic fields, radio waves, and field gradients to engender images of the inside of the body.

MRI Machine scanner does not include x-rays, which differentiate it from computed tomography (CT).While the hazards of x-rays are now well-controlled in most medical contexts, MRI Machine scanner can still superior to CT in this regard. MRI Machine scanner can often yield different diagnostic information compared with CT. There may be risks and discomfort associated with MRI scans. Compared with CT, MRI Machine scans typically: take more time, are louder, and customarily require that the subject goes into a narrow tube. In additament, people with some medical implants or other non-removable metal inside the body may be unable to safely undergo an MRI examination.

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Diagnostic applications of MRI Machine

MRI Machine scanner is widely used in hospitals and the clinics for medical diagnosis, staging and follow-up disease without exposing the body to ionizing radiation.

MRI Machine scanner used to examine:
Bones and joints
Brain and spinal cord
Internal organs, such as liver, womb or prostate gland
Heart and blood vessels
The results of an MRI Machine scanner helps to diagnose conditions, treatments plan and assess how effective previous treatment has been.

During an MRI scan what happend

MRI scanDuring the scan, you lie on a flatbed that's moved into the MRI Machine scanner. Depending on the part of a body being scanned, you'll be moved into the scanner either feet first or hand first.
The MRI Machine scanner is operated by a radiographer. They control the scanner utilizing a computer, which is in a different room, to repel it from the magnetic field produced by the scanner.
You'll be able to verbalize with the radiographer through an intercom and they'll be able to optically discern you on a television monitor throughout the scan.
At certain times during scan, the MRI Machine scanner will make heavy tapping noises. This is the electric current in scanner coils being turned on and off. You'll be given earplugs or headphones to wear.

It's very consequential to keep as still as possible during your MRI scan. The scan lasts from 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of the area being scanned and how many images are taken.


MRI scannerMRI Machine scanner is a painless and safe procedure.However, not everyone can have an MRI scan. For example, people who have certain types of implants fitted, such as a pacemaker (a device that helps to control an irregular heartbeat).

MRI Scan cost($255 to $2,925.15)

In U.S. payments range from $255 to $2,925.15.

In U.K. payments range from £200-295 per MRI scan region

In India, average payments range from Rs. 5000.00-8500.00