MRI Machine Price,Trusted Brand & 1.5T MRI Machine Benefits

MRI Machine: The application of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners has grown amazingly. Physicians may order MRI scans to help diagnose brain tumors, multiple sclerosis,  torn ligaments, tendonitis, cancer, and strokes, to mention just a few. An MRI Machine scanner is the excellent way to see inside the human body without cutting it open.MRI Machine Price That may denote little comfort to you when you’re preparing ready for an MRI exam. You’re removed from your jewelry and credit cards and asked detailed questions concerning all the metallic instruments you might have inside of you. You’re placed on a tiny slab and pushed into a hole that hardly seems large sufficient for a person. You’re subjected to loud noises, and you have to lie absolutely still, or they’re going to do this to you all over again. And with each minute, you can’t help but wonder what’s occurring to your body while it’s on this machine. Could MRI Machine scanner especially be that this ordeal is truly beneficial than another imaging technique, such as an X-ray or a CAT scan?

MRI Machines Price

MRI Machine price That Cost $400,000+

  • GE 1.5T Optima 450W
  • GE 3T Discovery MR750
  • Philips 1.5T Ingenia
  • Philips 3T Ingenia
  • Siemens Aera
  • Siemens Espree
  • Siemens 3T Verio

MRI Machine price That Cost $250,000 – $400,000

  • GE Excite HDi
  • GE 3T Excite HDXT
  • GE 1.5T Excite HDXT
  • GE Optima MR360
  • Philips 1.5T Achieva 32ch
  • Siemens 1.5T TIM Avanto
  • Siemens TIM Trio 3T

MRI Machine price That Cost $150,000 – $300,000

  • GE 1.5T Excite HD
  • GE 1.5T Excite HDE
  • GE 1.5T LX Mobile
  • Hitachi Aperto 0.4T Open (not available in the US)
  • Philips Achieva 8ch
  • Philips Achieva 16ch
  • Siemens Essenza
  • Siemens 1.5T Symphony Mobile
  • Toshiba Titan

MRI Machine price That Cost $150,000 or Less

  • Hitachi Airis II
  • Hitachi Airis Elite
  • GE Optima 430S Extremity
  • GE Ovation
  • GE Profile series
  • GE 1.5T Excite II
  • GE 1.5 LX
  • Philips Intera Achieva
  • Philips Intera
  • Siemens Concerto
  • Siemens Magnetom C
  • Siemens Symphony
  • Siemens 1.5T Symphony 8ch
  • Siemens 1.5 TIM Symphony
  • Toshiba Vantage AGV
  • Toshiba Vantage XGV
  • Toshiba Vantage ZGV

1.5T MRI Machine Benefits & Price

The best MRI machine you can purchase is dependent on a number of factors, including what specialties you’re looking for, MRI machine cost, size, and your patient’s requirements. Which is why 1.5T used MRI machine may be the perfect all-around fit for you. A true standard in the world of the MRI machine, the 1.5T  MRI machine is absolutely sufficient for most scans done today. Scan times are lower than with lower signal magnets, and you can become higher quality images as well. A 1.5T  MRI machine is perfectly satisfactory for the image detail you’ll need for most scans at a much lower used MRI price.

Regarding the above, an MRI machine cost as we1.5T MRI Machine Pricell, 1.5T  MRI machine systems can be perfectly customized to fit your needs regarding financial and technical aspects.

1.5T MRI Machine Price Avg. Range

GE Excite II   $150,000 or less

GE HDX   $250,000-$400,000

GE HD   $150,000-$300,000

GE HDXT  $250,000-$400,000

GE LX  $150,000 or less

GE Optima 450 W  $400,000+

Philips Achieva  $150,000-$300,000

Philips Ingenia   $400,000+

Philips Intera      $150,000 or less

Siemens Avanto $250,000-$400,000

Siemens Espree $400,000+

Siemens Symphony $150,000 or less

Toshiba Titan $150,000-$300,000