Labaid Hospital Top & Best Doctors List

Labaid Hospital approved on 15 July 2004. Labaid Hospital, the first international standard super-speciality hospital of the country, dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases have been built on a six-storied building at, Dhanmondi. Equipped with most modern and state-of-the-art equipment and types of machinery, the Labaid Hospital makes a deliberate commitment to the patients of the country.Labaid Hospital A band of highly skilled, dedicated and experienced surgeons, anesthesiologists, perfusionists, nurses and technicians. Labaid Hospital – a hospital with a difference, attempts to ensure that patients receive care in the most appropriate setting. Labaid Hospital has a very efficient 24-hr call centre to answer all queries and calls. The foremost role of the Call centre is to arrange appointments with doctors for patients who make the call. The Call centre has a big and skilled team of people who are continually willing to assist and help patients over the phone.

Labaid Hospital Hotline Number is 10606

Contact Address: Labaid Hospital, Dhanmondi

House- 06, Road-04, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh
Phone: +8802 58610793-8,+88029676356
Mobile:+8801713 333337

Customer Care: +8801766662111
24 hours Emergency: 01713333337
Labaid Specialized customer care: 01766662111
Labaid Cardiac customer care: 01766663222
Labaid Cardiac admission: 01766660444
Labaid Specialized admission: 01766661222
Labaid Home Service:01766661900,01766661452

Labaid Cardiac Hospital Location
House- 01 & 03, Road-04, Dhanmondi
Phone: +88 02 58610793-8,+88 02 9676356
Mobile: +88 0171-333-333-7 (24-hour Open)
Labaid Specialized customer care: 01766662111
Customer Care: +88 0176 666 32 22
Labaid Cardiac admission: 01766660444

Labaid Hospital Branches

Labaid Diagnostics, Gulshan Branch Address Location: House # 13/A, Road # 35, Gulshan # 2, Dhaka-1212 Phone: +880-2-8835981-4, 8858943, 8835966, +880 152463101

Labaid Diagnostics, Mirpur Address Plot # 9, Block-B, Section -1, Mirpur. Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh Phone: 02 9027550,02 9027552,02 9027551,02 9027553 Hotline: 10606

Labaid Diagnostics, Uttara Address House # 15, Road # 12, Sector # 6,Uttara Dhaka, Bangladesh Phone: +88 02 58954772,+88 02 58950322 Labaid Hospital Hotline Number is 10606 Email:

Labaid Diagnostics, Doyaganj Address 30-31/1 Doyagonj Hut Lane, Sutrapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh Phone: 9574982, 7115065 Labaid Hospital Hotline Number is 10606 Email:

Labaid Diagnostics, Chittagong Address Forum Central, 787/863,(O.R. Nizam Rd) M. M. Ali Road Gole Pahar More, Mehedigab, Chittagong, Bangladesh Labaid Hospital Hotline Number is 10606 Phone: 01766660137,+88 0312863893 Email:

Labaid Diagnostics, Rangpur Address House # 69, Road # 1, Dhap Jail Road, Rangpur, Bangladesh Phone: 0521-56279,0521-56278,01766660358 Hotline: 01766663099 Email:

Labaid Diagnostics, Sylhet Address Hazrat Shahjalal Rd 189, East Dargah Gate. Sylhet, Bangladesh Phone: 01766660135,+88 0821723259 Labaid Diagnostics Barisal Address  K Jahan Center, House # 106, Sadar Road, Barisal, Bangladesh Phone: 01766663005

Labaid Hospital Doctors List,Dhanmondi

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Cardiology

Dr. Kazi Naushad-Un-Nabi FRCP (Glasgow), MRCP (UK), MRCPCH (UK), DCH (IRE), MBBS (DMC) Chief Consultant, Dept. of Paediatric / Neonatology Labaid Specialized Hospital Pediatric and Neonatology

Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan MBBS, FCPS, MD (Paed), MD (Neonatology) Fellow Neonatology, NUH (Singapore), University College London Hospital, U.k Pediatric, and Neonatology

Dr.Qazi Md. Quamrul Hasan MBBS, DCH, Pediatric and Neonatology

Prof. (Dr.) Sayeeda Anwar MBBS, FCPS (Paed) Fellowship Training in neonatal intensive care unit & newborn medicine (USA) Pediatric and Neonatology

Prof. Dr. Syed Khairul Amin MBBS, DCH(Glasgow), MRCP(UK), FRCP(Edin), FRCP(Glasgow) Pediatric and Neonatology

Col. (Dr.) Nurun Nahar Fatema MBBS, FCPS(Pedi), FRCP(Edin), FACC(USA), FSCAI(USA) Pediatric Interventional cardiologist

Dr. Abdullah Shahriar MBBS, MD (Paed) Pediatric Cardiology

Dr. Syed Saimul Haque MBBS, MD (Child Kidney), Clinical Fellow (Child kidney diseases) Pediatric Nephrology Child & Child Kidney Specialist

PROF. DR, MD. ABDUL MANNAN MBBS, FCPS, MD(PAED), MD(NEONATOLOGY) Fellow neonatology, NUH Singapur, All India Institute of medical science, Delhi Pediatric Cardiology

Prof. Dr. Baren Chakraborty MBBS, MCPS (Med), FCPS (Med), FACA (USA), FCCP (USA), FACC (USA), FRCP (Ireland, Edin, Glasgow) Senior Fellowship in Cardiology (Singapore) Interventional Cardiology Labaid Cardiac Hospital Sr. Consultant


DR. A K S ZAHID MAHAMUD KHAN MBBS(Dhaka), MD(Cardiology Cardiology

Dr. Mohammad Farhad Uddin MBBS, MD (Card) Cardiology


Prof. (Dr.) Md. Abdul Kader Akanda MBBS, FCPS (Med), MD (Card), FACC (USA) Cardiology

Dr. Lutfor Rahman MBBS, MS (CTS) Cardiac Surgery Chief Cardiac Surgeon

Prof. Dr. Md. Fakrul Islam MBBS, MD (Card), FESC (Europe), FACC (USA) Cardiology

Dr. Md. Lokman Hossain MBBS, MS(Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery) Cardiac Surgery Labaid Cardiac Hospital Sr. Consultant, Cardiac Surgery

Dr. A P M Sohrabuzzaman MBBS, MD (Card), FCPS (Med) Interventional Cardiology

Brig. Gen. (Prof.) Nurunnahar Fatema MBBS, FCPS (Paed), FRCP (Edin), FACC (USA), FACAI (USA) Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Abdul Wadud Chowdhury FCPS(Medi), MD(Card) Interventional Cardiology Dr. M G Azam MBBS, MD (Card), FSCI (USA) Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Mahbubor Rahman MBBS, MCPS (Med), MD (Card), FACC (USA), FSCAI (USA), FRCP (UK) Senior Consultant, Cardiologist & Medicine Specialist

Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma MBBS, MCPS (Med)), MD (Card), FACC (USA) Senior Consultant, Labaid Cardiac Hospital

Dr. Md. Abu Salim MBBS, D-Card, MD (Card), FESC, Fellow Interventional Cardiology (India) Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Reyan Anis MBBS, MRCP (UK), FRCP (London) Interventional Cardiology Labaid Cardiac hospital

Dr. S. Mokaddas Hossain (Sadi) MBBS, FCPS (Med), MD (Card), FAPSIC, Fellowship-National Heart Centre, Singapore Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Zahurul Alam Khan Qualification: MBBS, FCPS(Medi), MD(Cardio) Interventional Cardiology

Dr. S M Mustafa Zaman MBBS, DTCD, MD (Card), Fellow interventional cardiology (India, Singapore, Bangladesh) Interventional Cardiology

Prof Dr. A K Miah MBBS, DTMH(UK), PhD(Sweden) Interventional Cardiology

Prof. (Dr.) M. Atahar Ali MBBS, FCPS, MD (Card), FRCP, FACC, FHRS Interventional Cardiology

Prof. (Maj.Gen) Dr.M G Rabbani (Rtd) MBBS,MCPS(Card),Med(Card),OJT-Card,CMH Interventional Cardiology

Prof. Dr. Abduz Zaher MBBS, FCPS (Med), FACC (USA), FRCP Sr. Consultant,Clinical & Interventional Cardiologist

Prof. Dr. Abul Hossain Khan Chowdhury MBBS, FCPS(Medi) Interventional Cardiologist

Prof. Dr. Abul Hussain Khan Chowdhury MBBS, FCPS (Med), FACC (USA), Trained in Interventional Cardiology (Australia) Interventional Cardiology

Prof. Dr. M Jalaluddin MBBS, FCPS(Med) Interventional Cardiology

Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Kader Akanda MBBS, FCPS(Med), MD(Card), FACC(USA) Interventional Cardiology

Prof. Dr. Md. Afzalur Rahman MBBS, MD (Card), Ph.D. (Card), FRCP (Glasgow), FRCP (Edin), FACC (USA) Interventional Cardiology

Prof. Dr. Md. Fakrul Islam MBBS, MD (Card), FESC, FACC (USA) Interventional Cardiology

Prof. Dr. Razia Sultana Mahmud MBBS, D-Card, FACC (USA), Trained in Cardiology (Japan) WHO Fellow in Interventional Cardiology

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Neurology

Dr. M. Bahadur Ali Miah MBBS, MD (Neuro), Fellow-Interventional Neurology & Stroke Therapy Neurology

Prof. Dr. Md. Azharul Hoque MBBS, FCPS (Med), MD (Neuro), FACP (USA), FRCP (Glasgow), FRCP (Edin). Neurology & Medicine Specialist

Prof. Dr. Shahrukh Ahmed MBBS, FCPS (Med), MD (Neuro) Medicine and Neurmedicine Specialist Senior Consultant, Neurology

Prof. (Dr.) Sirajul Haque MBBS, FCPS (Med), FACP (USA), FRCP (Edin) Chief Consultant, Neurology Dept. Labaid Specialized Hospital

Dr. Sirajee Shafiqul Islam MBBS, MD (Neuro), FINR (India) Clinical Fellow Stroke & Neurointervention Neurology

Prof. (Dr.) Md. Ashraf Ali. MBBS, FCPS (Med), MD (Neuro), FRCP (Edin) Sr. Consultant, Neurology

Prof. Dr. Abu Nasar Rizvi MBBS, MD(Neuro) Neurology

Prof. Dr. M A Hannan MBBS(Hons in Medicine), FCPS(Med), MD(neuro), FRCP (Edin-UK) Fellow in Neurology (Bangkok) Medicine Specialist & Neurologist Chairman, Department of Neurology, BSMMU Neurology

Dr. Aminur Rahman MBBS, MD(Neurology) Neuromedicine

Dr. M Bahadur Ali Miah MBBS, MD(Neuro) Neuromedicine Neurology & Medicine Specialist


Prof. Col.Dr. Mohammad Mojibor Rahman MBBS(Dhaka), FCPS(Medicine) Fellow in Neurology(Turkey) Neuromedicine

Prof. Mansur Habib MBBS, FCPS(Med), MD(Neuro), MRCP(UK), FRCP(Edin) Neuromedicine Neurology & Medicine Specialist

Dr. Masud Anwar MBBS, FCPS, MS(Neurosurgery) Neurosurgery

Dr. Moududul Haque MBBS,MD,PhD(MS) Neurosurgery Fellow Spinal Surgery NUH Singapore WHO Fellow Vascular Neurosurgery

Dr. S I M Khairun Nabi Khan MBBS, MS(Neurosurgery) Neurosurgery

Dr. Kazi Mohibur Rahman MBBS, MD (Neuro) Fellow-Interventional Neurology & Stroke Therapy, HGRH (India) Interventional Neurology Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Medicine

Dr. Hasna Fahima Haque MBBS, FCPS(Med) Medicine Medicine & Diabetic Specialist

Dr. Md. Robed Amin MBBS, FCPS(Med) Medicine

Prof. Dr. M A Faiz MBBS, FCPS (Med), FRCS (Edin), PhD (UK) Medicine Medicine & Neuromedicine Specialist

Prof. Dr. M A Jalil Chowdhury MBBS, FCPS, MD, FACP (USA) Medicine

Dr. Shah Habibur Rahman MBBS, FCPS(Med), WHO Fellow (India) Medicine

Prof. (Dr.) Md. Monzur Rahman (Galib) MBBS, FCPS (Med), WHO Fellow (India) Medicine Sr. Consultant

Prof. (Dr.) Samiran Kumar Saha MBBS,Ph.D(Med),FACP(USA),FRCP(Edin) Medicine Sr. Consultant

Prof. Sheikh Nesaruddin Ahmed MBBS, DTM & H, MRCP (Edin), FRCP (Edin), FCPS, FACP (USA) Medicine

Dr. Faroque Ahmed MBBS (DMC). MD (HEPATOLOGY). Liver & Gastrointestinal Liver & Medicine

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Nephrology

Prof. (Dr.) M. A. Samad MBBS, MD (Nephro) FCPS (Medicine), FRCP (Glasgow, UK) Nephrology Chief Consultant & Head, Dept. of Nephrology Labaid Specialized Hospital

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Mohsin MBBS, FCPS (Internal Medicine), F.W.H.O (Nephro) Nephrology

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rafiqul Alam MBBS, MD (Nephro), FCPS (Med) Nephrology

Prof. (Dr.) Asia Khanam MBBS, MD(Nephrology) Nephrology

Dr. Mohammad Moniruzzaman MBBS, MD (Nephro), Kidney Disease Specialist Nephrology

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Dermatology

Dr. Md. Quamrul Hasan Chowdhury MBBS, DCD, MSc (Clinical Dermatology) Cardiff University School of Medicine, UK Dermatology & Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr. Md. Azizul Haque MBBS, DD(Thailand-Japan) Dermatology & Venereology Consultant

Dr. Foara Tasmim Palmy MBBS, MS (Burn & Plastic Surgery) Burn, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Isabela Kabir MBBS, MCPS, FCPS Dermatology & Venereology

Dr. Mahmud Chowdhury MBBS, DDV, MCPS, FCPS Dermatology & Venereology

Dr. Maruf Alam Chowdhury MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), FCPS (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) Burn, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Prof. Dr. Mir Nazrul Islam MBBS, DDS (Wels), MSC (UK), FRCP (Glasgow), FRCP (Edin) Dermatology & Venereology Skin & VD Specialist

Dr. Riaz Uddin MBBS, DDV, MCPS, FCPS Skin & VD

Prof. Lt. Col. (Retd) Dr. Md. Abdul Wahab MBBS,DDV,MCPS,FACP(USA) FCPS(Dermatology),FRCP,Higher Trained in Thailand Dermatology & Venereology

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Diabetology

Dr. Feroz Amin MD(Endocrinology, BIRDM) Diabetology & Endocrinology

Dr. M A Hasanat MBBS, M.Phil, MD Diabetology & Endocrinology Medicine, Diabetes & Hormone Specialist

Dr. Indrajit Prashad MBBS, FCPS(Med), MD(Endocrinology), MACE(USA) Diabetology & Endocrinology

Prof. Dr. A K M Musa FCPS(Phy Medi), MCPS(Medi), DTCD Gold Medalist Diabetology & Endocrinology

Prof. Dr. Khwaja Nazim Uddin MBBS, FCPS (Med), FRCP (Glasgow), FACP (USA) Diabetology & Endocrinology

Dr. Nusrat Sultana MBBS(DMC),FCPS(Medicine),MD (Endocrinology) Endocrinology

Prof. Dr. M A Hasanat MBBS, MPhil, MD Diabetology & Endocrinology Labaid Hospital Doctors List-ENT

Dr. K. M. Mamun Murshed MBBS, PGDND, DLO ENT ( Ear, Nose &Throat) ENT Specialist & Surgeon

Prof. Dr. Sabah Uddin Ahmed MBBS, DLO, MS(Otolaryngology) ENT ( Ear, Nose &Throat)

Dr. M. Muinul Hafiz MBBS, DAND, DLO, MS(ENT), FACS(USA), FICS ENT ( Ear, Nose &Throat) Sr. Consultant

Prof. Dr. Zaheer Al Amin MBBS, DLO(Eng), FRCS(Ireland), FRCS(Edin), ENT ( Ear, Nose &Throat)

Prof. Major (Retd.) Dr. M Motahar Hossain MBBS, DLO, FICH(USA) ENT (Ear, Nose &Throat)

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Gastroenterology

Dr. Atia Saeed MBBS, FCPS (Med), MD (Gastro) Gastroenterology

Dr. Chanchal Kumar Ghosh MBBS,FCPS(Medicine),MD(Gastroenterology) Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Medicine specialist Interventional Gastroenterologist

Dr. Bimal Chandra Shil MBBS, FCPS(Med), MD(Gastro), Member- ISG(India) Gastroenterology

Dr. K M Anamul MBBS, PhD Gastroenterology Medicine & Gastro-Liver Specialist

Prof. (Dr.) Mian Mashhud Ahmad MBBS, MD, Ph D Gastroenterology Chief Consultant

Dr. Md. Ashraful Islam MBBs, FCPS(Med), MD(Gastro) Gastroenterology

Prof. Dr. Mahmud Hasan MBBS, PhD (Edin) FCPS, FCPS (Pak) FRCP (Edin), FRCP (Glasgow) Gastroenterology

Prof. Dr. Swapan Chandra Dhar MBBS, FCPS(Med), MD, MACG(USA), FRCP(Edin) Gastroenterology

Prof. Dr. S. M. Ishaque MBBS, DTM, MD (Gastro) Clinical Fellow: NUM (Singapore), AIIMS (India) Ex. Register (Gastro), NUH (Singapore) Gastroenterology

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-General & Colorectal Surgery

Prof. Dr. Shahadat Hossain Sheikh MBBS, FCPS, MRCS (Edin), Colorectal & Cancer Specialist Surgeon General & Colorectal Surgery

Prof. Dr. Zulfiqur Rahman Khan MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), FRCA (UK), FICS (USA) General & Pancreatic Surgery

Dr. Md. Saifullah MBBS, FCPS (Surgery) General, Laparoscopic, Colorectal and Cancer Specialist Surgeon General Surgery Laparoscopic & Colorectal Surgeon

Dr. Md. Shahadat Hossain Sheikh MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), MRCS (Edin) General Surgery

Prof. Dr. Golam Mohiuddin Akbar Chowdhury MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), FICS (USA) General Surgery

Prof. Dr. M Khademul Islam MBBS, FCPS, Dip.Med (UK), FRCS (Glasgow), FICS, FACS Chief Surgeon (Labaid Specialized Hospital) General Surgery Chief Consultant Surgeon

.Md. Shahadat Hossain Sheikh MBBS, FCPS(Surgery), MRCS(Edin) Laparoscopic & Colorectal Surgery

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Gynecology & Obstetrics

DR KANIZ FATEMA MBBS, FCPS, CMU(DU) Gynecology & Obstetrics

Dr. Begum Hosne Ara FCPS(Gyne), MS(Gyne) Gynecology & Obstetrics

Dr. Afzalunnessa Chowdhury MBBS, DGO, MCPS, FCPS (Gyn & Obs) Gynecology & Obstetrics

Dr. Kaniz Fatema MBBS, FCPS(Obs & Gyn), CMU Gynecology & Obstetrics

Dr. Moriom Faruki (Shati) MBBS, DGO, MCPS(Gyne), MS(Gyne), FCPS(Gyne) Gynecology & Obstetrics Sr. Consultant

Prof. Dr. Bayes Bhuiyan MBBS, FCPS(Gyne), FICS Gynecology & Obstetrics

Dr. Tasnim Akter MBBS (CMC), FCPS (Gyn & Obs) Gynecology & Obstetrics

Prof. Major(Ret) Dr. Laila Arjumand Banu MBBS, DGO, FCPS(Obs. & Gynee), FICS Gynecology & Obstetrics Chief Consultant

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Hematology

Dr. (Lt. Col) Mir Azim Uddin MBBS, DCP, MCPS, FCPS (Hematology) Hematology

Prof. Dr. M A Khan FCPS(Hematology) Hematology

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Hepatology

Dr. Mamun Al Mahtab (Swapnil) MBBS, MSC (Gastro, UK), MD (Hepato), FACG (USA), Fellow-OMGE, Hepatology (Japan) Hepatology

Prof. Dr. Noor Uddin Ahmed MBBS, FCPS (Med), Trained in Liver Diseases (Japan & Thailand) Hepatology

Prof. Dr. Salimur Rahman MBBS, FCPS (Med), FRCP Postgraduate fellowship in liver disease (Japan) Hepatology

Prof. Dr. Faruk Ahmed MBBS (DMC).MD(HEPATOLOGY) Hepatology Prof. Dr. SM Ishaque MBBS,DTM,MD (Gastroenterology),Clinical fellow: NUM(SINGAPORE),AIIMS(INDIA) Hepatology

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Internal Medicine & Rheumatology


Dr. Mahmudur Rahman Laizu MBBS, DA, FCPS Internal Medicine & Rheumatology

Prof. Dr. A. H. M Firoz MBBS,FCPS,MD(Medicine) Internal Medicine & Rheumatology

Dr. Md. Abu Shahin MBBS, FCPS (Med), MD-Rheumatology Medicine & Rheumatology Specialist

Prof. Dr. Md. Ridwanur Rahman MBBS, FCPS(Internal Medicine) Internal Medicine Specialist

Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Jalil Chowdhury MBBS, FCPS, MD, FACP(USA) Internal Medicine & Rheumatology

Dr. Shah Habibur Rahman MBBS, FCPS(Medicine),Who Fellow(India) Rheumatology


Prof. Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam MBBS, FCPS Internal Medicine & Rheumatology

Prof. Dr. Samiran Kuman Saha MBBS, PhD (Med), MD (Med) Internal Medicine & Rheumatology

Prof. Dr. Sheikh Nesaruddin Ahmed MBBS, DTM & H, MRCP(Edin), FRCP(Edin), FCPS(honorary) Internal Medicine & Rheumatology

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Nutrition & Dietetics

Dr. Dilara Makhbul MBBS Nutrition & Dietetics

Dr. Salma Pervin MBBS Nutrition & Dietetics

Dr. kamrunnahar MBBS Nutrition & Dietetics

Farzana Ahmed Nutrition & Dietetics

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Oncology


Dr. A F M Kamal Uddin MBBS, DTCD, MD (Radiation Oncology), UICC Fellow, NCC, Singapore IEA Fellow, UPMC, USA Oncology

Dr. Shamsun Nahar MBBS, FCPS(Radiotherapy) Oncology

Prof. Dr. Lt. Col. (Rtd.) Md. Mofazzal Hossain MBBS, FCPS (Med), FACP (USA), FRCP (Edin), FRCP (Glasgow), FRCP (Ireland), Trained in NUH (Singapore), Member ASCO, Member ESMO. Oncology

Prof. Dr. Moarraf Hossen MBBS, DMRT, FCPS, Fellowship Training (India) Oncology

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Amjad Hossain MBBS, MS (Ortho) AO Fellow (Germany) Arthroplasty & Trauma Surgeon Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeon

Dr. Erfanul Huq Siddiqui MBBS, MS (Ortho), FRSH (London) Orthopedic & Trauma

Dr. Md. Zia Uddin Qualification: MBBS, D-Ortho, MS (Ortho Surgery) Orthopedic & Trauma Consultant


DR. IRFAN UL HAQ SIDDIQUI MBBS(DMC), MS (Ortho),FRSH(London) Orthopedic Surgeon

PROF DR. ZIAUL HAQ MBBS,MS(Ortho) Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Abu Zafar Chowdhury (Biru) MBBS, MS (Ortho) Fellow, Arthroscopy & Replacement Surgery (UK) Orthopedic & Trauma Surgeon

Dr. Syed Anwaruzzaman MBBS, MS (Ortho) Orthopedic & Trauma

Prof. (Dr.) Kh. Abdul Awal (Rizvi) MBBS, MS (Ortho), FCPS (Ortho) Orthopedic & Trauma

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Psychiatry

Dr. Chaya Bhattacharjee MSC(Psychiatric), M Phill (Psychiatric), Ph.D. (Psychiatric), Post Graduate Training In Psychotherapy (BSMMU) Psychiatry

Dr. M. A. Mohit (Kamal) Professor of Psychotherapy Psychiatry

Dr. Md. Faruq Alam MBBS, FCPS, Trained from India, Germany, USA, Thailand, Japan & Italy) Psychiatry Associate Professor, Psychiatric

Dr. Rezwana Quaderi MBBS, FCPS (Psycho), Fellow, Psychotherapy (USA) Psychiatry

Prof. Dr. M S I Mullick MBBS, Ph.D., FCPS, MRC-Psych (London), FRC-Psych (London), DCAP (London), FAACAP (USA), FAPA (USA) Psychiatry

Dr. Saifun Nahar MBBS, FCPS, BCS (Health) Psychiatry

Dr. Syed Zaber Mahmud MBBS, MD(USA), FIGP(USA), FICP(USA) Psychiatry

Prof. Dr. Md. Shah Alam MBBS, FCPS Psychiatry

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Pulmonology & Respiratory Medicine

Dr. Md. Sayedul Islam MBBS, DTCD, MD(Chest) Medicine, Asthma and Chest Specialist Pulmonology

Dr. Zakir Hossain Sarker MBBs, DTCD, MD(Chest) Sr. Consultant, Pulmonology

Prof. Dr. F M Siddiqui MBBS, FCPS, FACP (USA), FRCP, Common Wealth Medical Fellow (England) Pulmonology

Prof. (Dr.) Mohammad Atiqur Rahman MBBS, MD (Chest), FCCP (USA) Pulmonology

Prof. Dr. Md. Ali Hossain MBBS, FCPS(Medi), MD(Chest) Professor, Respiratory Medicine,

Labaid Hospital Doctors List-Urology

Dr. kazi Rafiqul Abedin MBBS, MS(Urology) Urology

Dr. Md. Jahangir Kabir MBBS, FCPS, FRCS Urology Chief Consultant, Department Of Urology

Maj Gen Prof. Dr. H R Harun MBBS, FCPS, FRCS (Glasgow) FRCS (Edin), FWHO (Uro), D-Uro (London) Urology

Prof. Dr. A Z M Zahid Hossain MBBS,FCPS(Surgery),MS(Urology),FCPS(Urology),FRCP(EDIN) Urology

Prof. Dr. Sirajul Hoque MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), MS (Urology) Urology

Labaid Hospital Doctors List- Vascular & Thoracic Surgery

Dr. Bazlul Goni Bhuiyaan MBBS, MS(CVTS) Vascular Surgery

Dr. Kazi Saiful Islam (Shakil) MBBS, MS (Thoracic Surgery) Thoracic Surgery

Prof. Dr. Golam Mohiuddin Akbar Chowdhury MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), FICS (USA) Thoracic Surgery