Foot Muscles:Origin, Insertion, Action & Nerve Supply

Foot Muscles: The muscles of the foot can be separated into two distinct groups; extrinsic and intrinsic muscles.Plantar Aspect of the FootThe extrinsic muscles of the foot arise from the anterior, posterior and lateral compartments of the leg muscles. They are chiefly liable for actions such as inversion, eversion, plantarflexion, and dorsiflexion of the foot.
The intrinsic muscles are positioned within the foot and are liable for the fine motor actions of the foot, for example, movement of individual digits.
They can be separated into the dorsum of the foot, and those in the sole of the foot.


Plantar Aspect of the Foot

The muscles of the plantar aspect are described in four layers (superficial to deep).

First Layer

Second Layer

Third Layer

Fourth Layer

  • Plantar Interossei
  • Dorsal Interossei

Muscles of the Lower Limb