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Himalayan Salt Lamps! Health Benefits, Uses & How It Work

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps: Himalayan Salt Lamps consists of a sizably voluminous(large) salt crystal, often coloured, and lit with an incandescent light bulb, LED, or candle inside. Most of Himalayan Salt Lamps on the market are composed of coloured salt rocks mined...

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Superfoods: Benefits & Nutritional facts of superfoods

Popular superfoods

Superfoods: "Superfood" a food that widely considered to be very good for health and that may even avail some medical conditions. The food industry wants to persuade us that eating some foods can decelerate the aging process, reduced depression, boost...

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First trimester food – Which Food to Eat & Avoid

First trimester

Must eat food for the first trimester: Spinach-Spinach is a high source of folic acid, which is crucial for your baby’s neural tube to properly fuse in the first month after conception.Lentils-Protein is important in each trimester, as it aids...

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Benefits of Massage Therapy & Types

Massage therapy benefits

Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues including, muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints of the body. Massage Therapy is a clinically-oriented healthcare option that avails alleviate the discomfort associated with everyday and occupational stresses, and...

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Turmeric: Uses, Health Benefits & Side Effects

Turmeric Benefits

Turmeric is a spice that comes from the turmeric plant. Turmeric powder is a bright yellow powder made by dry grinding of mature turmeric rhizomes. It contains a yellow-colored chemical called curcumin. Using turmeric for coloring and flavoring food for...

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Early Signs of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms: Symptoms of Pregnancy differ from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy; however, one of the most paramount pregnancy symptoms is delayed or missed. Breast tenderness - breasts may be extra tender as early as a week or two...

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Vitamin A : Source, Benefits, Daily Allowance And Toxicity

Vitamin A

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is a group of compounds that includes retinol, retinal, retinoic acid, beta-carotene. Vitamin A is involved in vision, immune function, reproduction, and cellular transmission. Vitamin A is significant for vision as an essential component of rhodopsin,...

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Berries Fruit: Types, Nutritional Facts & Health Benefits

Berries Fruit

Berries Fruit: Berries are the healthiest foods on the planet. Recent new research of berries is being apperceived and analyzed for their valuable health-giving properties. Very high in antioxidants, these are berries that are astronomically high health benefits. Goji Berries...

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